The CMI (Curriculum Master in Engineering) is a 5 years university program, attached to existing licence and master, reinforced with supplementary teaching units. The special field is rooted on a scientific base, scientific supplements, as well as transverse components including:

  • Social, Economical et Cultural Opening (OSEC) program. It gives the student a broad vision, a great adaptability and ease of communication.
  • Simulation exercise activities (AMS), in the form of internships and projects.
  • Self-evaluation: the student identify its abilities and limitations, for being actor of his academic and professional choices. 
  • Training through research, implementation in the first years of license, is a founding member of the Curriculum Master in Engineering.

This type of training is offered by a cooperative national network of autonomous universities: the FIGURE network for « Training in Engineering by Research Universities ». FIGURE was born from the IDEFI 2011 call, and all member Universities share and implement an innovative and professionalizing teaching through a « CMI training reference document » collectively developed. The member Universities pool their thinking, experience and good practices to benefit CMI students.

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